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About IGC

     The artist, Alan Daniels, owns a home-based consulting business, IGC Studio near Atlanta GA, USA; a graphics designer/illustrator with over 30 years experience in event/theme park conceptual design, signage design, handlettering and calligraphy.

     I use corel draw (currently Coreldraw2018) and photo shop (PS CC) extensively, paired with knowledge in font style, visuals and design flavor fitting the occasion. In photo shop, use of the graphics features predominately; also photo re-touching, file sizing and maintaining hi-resolution images.

     I use corel to build vector graphic images, and have a working knowledge of illustrator, although not as fluid in it. Illustrations and presentations are hand rendered, CG, or a combination of both. Duties also include out-putting finished art and files to wide format printing.

     My back ground in recent years includes, conceptual designs, mural art, business card design, signage, through a major company in Austell GA, EDG, and currently, ID3 of Atlanta.  We fully produced  events for theme parks, such as Six Flags Corporation, Gaylord corp. and Holiday mall designs and events for various firms including Simon properties. Other events incorporate images, figures, from Rovio Angry Birds, DC Justice League, Mirage and more.

     My experience is always working directly & meeting with design directors and sometimes clients. Maintaining high quality and attention to detail in all my work with products keeping in mind changes, additions, and deletions until the process is fully rendered to satisfaction. I feel that my prior training in hand crafted graphics & art gives my clients a more unique and quality product.

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